Meet the sister-founders : Naomi and Raquel

Hello fellow Oursin family,

Oursin is our baby, fueled by our love for fashion and brought to life by our complimentary personalities. We are so happy to share a bit more about ourselves!

As a small business, Raquel and Naomi wear multiple hats, but ultimately and consistently, work together to bring the best product and vision they possibly can.


Meet the creative director of Oursin!

Raquel is a recent graduate in Economics and will be pursuing an MBA in Fashion&Luxury. In addition to her creative role, Raquel oversees daily operations strategic development.

For Raquel, Oursin is a way to combine her love for fashion and showcase Haiti’s innate creativity. Haiti’s talent is often overshadowed by its political and economic instability. Through Oursin, Raquel seeks to unveil Haiti’s creativity and craftsmanship to the rest of the world.



With previous experience in fashion and marketing, Naomi coordinates Oursin's strategy and social presence. As a recent graduate, Naomi studied Business, Statistics and Psychology. Fusing her love for fashion with a number's background, it's been a dream to have her own brand. Naomi hopes to create a lifestyle brand that empowers women (&men later on) and promotes Haitian representation on a worldwide stage. 

Naomi is always happy to share stories, experience and clothes of course with Raquel.

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