Oursin: locally made for beach travels

We are working on a vision of a locally-designed and produced womenswear label with a strong emphasis on Haitian craft and traditional skills. Both of us are Haitians, and have lived here for the majority of our lives, so it is important for us that our company can highlight our local artisans’ talents while also appealing to customers worldwide.

Whether we are traveling within Haiti or across the word, Oursin creates pieces that are meant to accompany you on every beach trip. Our bikinis will become your favorites!

Versatility is key for us in the design process, which is why all of our bikinis can be styled differently. This allows you to express yourself and truly make the bikini yours! Wearing a bikini multiple ways also allows you to save some space when traveling, as you will not need to bring many other bikinis along. We are terrible over packers, but find ourselves traveling pretty light in the swimwear department! 

Here is our must-visit list of favorite beach spots in Haïti, where its summer year‑round:

Cadras: Hidden away from civilization is a dream spot where you can disconnect from the world and blend into lush greenery.

- Cormier: A long stretch of white‑sand beach meets local cuisine and decor.

- Decameron: A unique hotel in the North with the best sunset views, year round

- Môle Saint‑Nicolas: An adventurer’s dream spot, where you can cliff‑dive and kite‑surf

- Ile de la Tortue: Untouched island that makes you feel lime you are alone in the world

-Jacmel / Kabik :When youre dreaming of Tulum, but make it local

- Kokoye Beach: Trees taller than anything you can imagine. Also a very Slim Aarons destination

- Île‑à‑Vache: Island life meets more island life. Ile a Vache is the perfect gateway



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